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Interesting information has come my way

1st off inside information given to me by a confidential source indicates that at least one officer in Leland whos not one of the bad apples confirmed to my source that EVERYTHING that has been reported to WWAY is in fact true. Secondly, It has been suggested that possibly tomorrow nights meeting that has been called could very well to ask/demand the Town manager resign or else he will be fired by the town counsel. Heres the problem in this situation and it bothers me to no end. I supported John David in this past election as I thought he was an upstanding Atty and much like his brother had a spine and moral compass to do what was right.. So far until the last month I had no reason to feel otherwise. IM going to lay this out as best I can.. John David you need to do the right thing here, I know Cheif Jayne is your friend and neighbor and IF Tim Jayne is any decent man he will welcome the SBI in to clear the air and prove there is nothing to hide either way John David has to tell Chief Jayne its nothing personal but that he has to do this to remain impartial. John David said he wont do call in the SBI the problem is by doing so he has in fact proven a conflict of interest because outside of him I dont know whoelse can legally call for an SBI investigation into the Leland PD. The Town Council Im sure would much rather have the SBI in here but apparently they have no power to have any SBI investigation launched so the use of a PI appears to be their only way around this Mexican Standoff. To me John David has done himself a major disservice he needs to do whats right and Tim Jayne if dirty needs to go and if hes not then the cloud hanging over this town will go away but without outside intervention and proper legal investigation into possible criminal or other acts committed the dark cloud will not go away on its own period nor should it.


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