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I support the protesters. For those of you who do not believe in a large protest movement, you may stay home and remain apathetic. No one is asking you to leave the comfort of your arm chair, so you need not feel threatened by the possibility of change that may benefit you. The First Amendment of the Constitution gives citizens the right to protest and redress the government, and the 99% are simply exercising their right. There is a huge majority that consists of a variety of educated and skilled individuals who are hurting and jobless through no fault of their own, feeling disenfranchised and unheard. They have no one representing their interests -- you have no one representing your interests, either, from what I have witnessed. I believe their goal is to make their presence known and speak intelligently, without vitriol and soundbites and without the media deciding what is to be heard by the general public, and then telling them what to think. If you, the apathetic and against protest movements, who criticize in a vitriolic manner others with whom you do not agree, it will not help you to criticize from a position of ignorance. State your case with some facts and intelligence, otherwise, you are just making noise that is mean-spirited. Part of the protest includes a desire to be treated with respect, not just during the protest, but as a matter of regular practice; I know I am weary of the name calling and mean spirit towards the protesters, liberals, progressives. Can't we have a constructive conversation without stereotype, i.e., calling people bums and losers and even worse than that? Yes, you are exercising your First Amendment Right to free speech, and I would fight for you to do that. But, please, before you make these knee jerk statements, actually READ the Mission Statement from OccupyWallStreet, then tell me you find common ground in that statement. I'm glad that people are getting into the streets. Normally, change only happens with an occupation, a soldier and a gun. Perhaps, it might happen now through peaceful action of us occupying our own streets. Hopeful.


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