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Too bad they don't know the real cause of America's collapse.

When Barney Frank decided Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac would give loans to millions of people that could not pay back money lent to them thru Banks and Mortgage companies, the economy stumbled.

Yes, the evil banks lent the money. They were required to. You see, everybody wanted twice what they could actually afford, and thus the downfall of home values."We'll flip it in a year". All that was needed to get a home loan was a pulse.

This "movement" stands for nothing. This "movement" stands for everything. That's why no one is talking. "Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I'm gonna eat some worms. Quit bellyaching and work to fix it. But, alas, that takes WORK, not a light class schedule.

Look closely at the signs protestors are holding in NYC. Everything from save the whale, to don't add anything to my sugar pops.

Many are students that, instead of protesting the grossly overpaid college professors, they want Joe Taxpayer to pay for their college education.

That's OK. If I pay for your education, you pay for my house and car.
Oh wait, that's not a deal for you is it. The reason college is so expensive is that Uncle Sam pays the bills.

They want the nanny state.

They voted for Hope and Change. Now that it's here, they have to blame anyone other than the Congressmen and policies that have put us there.

What really gripes me is that "Stars" show up to show solidarity with them. These "Stars" have promoted the policies that have caused the mess we're in. "We are one of you", as they get on the private jet going to their home in Monaco.

They say the crowd in NYC will be there during the winter. I hope so.

This is the slow season for watching idiots on tv. They will have a successful mini-series.

They know it all, all being how to make a "double-decaffeinated half-cafe latte" with a percodan jelly filled doughnut.

So bring all the i-pads, i-phones, and all the i-stoops you can find to the lake.

I hope no one falls in, that would be water pollution.


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