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I think you're missing a key point

The reason that sane people say mean, bad things about liberals is because we hate you. All you want to do is TAKE what is not yours. You expect the successful members of society to carry the lazy and the incompetent. You picture life as some great big Barney show where we all love each other and share everything. Even if you don't work the government should ensure that your life is wonderful.

Meanwhile, people with their feet planted firmly on the ground reject your notion of the government playing Robin Hood. Those of us who have studied history and economics know that wealth redistribution invariably leads to economic collapse because everybody stops trying to better themselves.

So if I treat you with no respect it's because I don't respect you. You are thieves who want to take what is mine, but don't have the intestinal fortitude to approach me with a gun. You want the government to do the muscle work.

Basically, you ARE all bums and losers....or total suckers...and I'm sure a few of you sincerely believe that Communism will work if we only give it a bit longer than the Soviet Union's seventy-five years.


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