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Progress is Coming

North Carolina has a proud progressive history. Think of our role in flight and the Greensboro lunch counters. We still however have the angry and fearful TEA Party idealigurs who who wish blacks were on the back of the bus, gay people should hide in the shadows their entire lives, their wives should shut up and get back to cooking and cleaning and that kept their children in fear of them, and a world where a non-white/ non-Protestant was inconceivable. This is the world they want to go back to. Guess what, we are going forward. Progressives push our country and the world forward and it is always with the resistance of folks who " want their country back" as soon as it finally starts to look the melting pot that we have always bragged it to be. Wake up, for almost the history of the country the very top layer of wealth has pitted one race, ethnicity and religion against the other to distract you while they lone their pickets at your/ our expense. Again wake up, YOU ARE the 99% wether you like it or not... And so am I and so are we. Stop helping by providing them with a distraction they created you for.


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