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Consider this


1. Look at your tax dollars spent here:

2. President Nixon abolished the obligation of U.S. dollars to pay in gold.

4. The Fed's answer to recession/depression is to print more paper money.

5. Your stock market investments and bank account balances have an equity comparable to the intangible web page your reading now.

6. If you think the "housing bubble" is headlines, wait until the "default on student loans" comes to surface.

7. Have you wondered why one out of three TV commercials is insurance related? Everyone knows "Flo" by now.

8. Banks are legal robbers, the stock market is legal gambling, and the insurance companies own it all.

9. One who receives monthly government assistance other than SSI would be "right at home" in a socialist/communist society.

10. The #1 entity hiring is the US Government.

11. Half of four billion in federal funds disbursed this year to small-business lending by banks was spent to repay bailout funds that the banks received under the government's Troubled Asset Relief Program.

12. If a large percentage of the cable/digital TV subscribers cancelled, it may be provided for free. Why do we pay for corporate American to advertise to us?

13. Where do the NC Educational Lottery Dollars really go?: Quote "Perdue said last week that she would use $87.6 million in lottery profits to ensure that there is money available in the state's day-to-day operating accounts to pay the bills through mid-April. Legislators who voted for the lottery law say they are frustrated by the decision, even though they know she made it while facing the state's worst fiscal emergency in a generation." End Quote

14. Look at the ILM budget forecast shortfalls on the below document:
NOTE figures in parentheses denote a SHORTFALL such as (11,577,848):


1. It is my hope everyone arguing at one another in the comments of this article will ask themselves "What positive contribution did I make today"? "Were my comments to this article positive or negative"? Did I assist in enlightening others reading this article OR did I argue at others via my comments"?

2. For the comments above bashing WWAYTV3 reporting, ask yourself "Why am I visiting this site"? Obviously you have an interest in the news article.


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