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Think It Through

1. The Occupy Wall St. protest and the coinciding protests being planned or underway in over eight-hundred cities across the globe to stand in Solidarity with OWS have in no way, shape or form made an official declaration advocating for the redistribution of wealth or for raising taxes on "those who dare to be successful." (,

2. Let's examine the phrase you used, "those who dare to be successful" a little closer. Making the inference that the aforementioned quotation applies to the top 1% of tax payers, it is not an entirely accurate statement. In fact, 32% of the 400 wealthiest Americans did not even earn their fortune as the entirety of it came from inheritance. ( One cannot exercise daring in being successful when it is dumped into their lap irrespective of their efforts.

3. You also mention that the top one percentile of taxpayers were responsible for paying 38% of our country's cumulative personal income tax. While this certainly paints a rather majestic picture of these individuals as inveritable saints, it doesn't actually equivocate to their having paid an absurdly larger portion of their earnings in taxes compared to the lower 99%. One also has to consider the fact that the heads of 500 largest companies had a collective income of $5,100,000,000.00 in 2005.( I'll assume you are capable of basic mathematics and can thus understand that a small percentage of a very large number is quite often greater than a considerably higher percentage of a very small number (unless one were to irrationally take either percentage to an extreme in an attempt to use logical fallacies to counter-argue.) Thus, stating that the top one percentile of taxpayers payed 38% the total income tax collected does not do anything to advance the argument of the same top one percentile paying their "fair share."
3.A. Regardless of who payed their fair share of taxes or not (what authority decides what constitutes a fair share with 100% certainty anyway?), the Occupy Wall St. protest and its companion protests have never even raised that issue. Why then are you attributing this political stance to the movement? At best this is a logical fallacy called a Red Herring; an attempt to divert attention from the original issue with irrelevant facts.

4. Though I can, I don't think I need to go into the tax giveaways of which 40% flow right back into the hands of the wealthy. And please don't argue this created jobs as only $.32 of every dollar went back into the economy.

Its generally best to fully research your facts before forming an opinion.


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