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Here Is My Challenge

I, Fouche, formally extend an invitation to engage in intellectual discourse to Guest5150, Guestsomeskills, Guest7969 and guesty in regards to the subjects established within this sub-thread. As you have referred to the crowd of people I whole-heartedly represent as "ilk", "liberal", "lazy", "jealous" and referred to us as supporters of theft (" use the government to take the business hostage and steal from them.[sic]") it should not be all that difficult to prove your superior intellect and knowledge of economics, politics and the general functioning of the world. As I desire for this to be discussion with some degree of intelligence behind it, it will of course be necessary to back arguments with sources and refrain from name calling.

1. (Guest5150) The first problem lies in the fact that you have somehow managed to pull the Liberal political view into this. On its own this wouldn't be a problem but, you issue a challenge to the "occupy wall street crowd" a few sentences later within the same paragraph. If you simply forgot to start a new paragraph when you changed subject matter then you have attempted to use a non-sequitur to support your assertion and therefore nullified its validity.(Public Speaking Handbook, 3rd Edition. Allyn & Bacon, 2010) If you did not intend to start a new paragraph and thus were remaining on the same subject when challenging the Occupy Wall Street members then you attempted to use a hasty generalization fallacy to endorse your point and therefore rendered it moot.(Allyn & Bacon, 2010)

2. In terms of your initial challenge to define, in terms of income, what constitutes rich and poor, I can only give you the government's legal definition of the poverty threshold. In 2010, a single individual under the age of 65 was considered living in poverty if they had an income below $11,139.00. ( As far as determining what income level constitutes being rich, my best quantification would be at a level higher than the 2010 median salary for full-time, year-round workers. Men made an average of $47,715.00 a year and women made an average of $36,931.00 a year, so it would have to be above those levels.( I cannot further refine the definition as that is drifting dangerously into the arena of opinion.

3. Asking me to find a poor person who is capable of starting a business and then hiring several employees to staff it doesn't accomplish much as a sentence. If you're trying to assert they don't have a lot of money...well, yeah, an overwhelming majority of the US population understands the definition of the word poor. If, though hopefully improbably, you are implying that a poor person lacks the ability to to profitably manage a business than you are demonstrating classissm. ( Whether or not I did find a person of low income who could run a business capable of hiring multiple employees it doesn't prove a point at all. At best you are engaging in use of use of the bandwagon fallacy which would render any point you were trying to make obsolete.(Allyn & Bacon, 2010)

I'll stop for now and allow any of the aforementioned individuals respond or for someone else to respond in their defense. But, before you automatically try to point to me as any of the labels you've previously used I'm going to head that one off. I work full-time on third shift as a shift supervisor and have done so for over 2.5 years. I do so to put myself through college where I am finishing up earning my Degree in Middle Grades Education with a Minor in History. Oh yeah, on top of that, I live below the poverty line for New Hanover County and I do not receive food stamps nor welfare assistance.


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