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I like to think me self a guru in some matter for instance, mom and dad worked hard and earned a living, not enough to send me to school so the easy road was to not work and save money and then go to school, it was to go straight to college get an education off of someone elses' dime and then get a job and pay it back.

Nice concept, but that is in fact the most backwards thinking ever invented. Maybe if you had gotten a PHD in post hole digging first and then went to college times wouldn't be so bleak.

If Americans would quite buying things they cant afford, but earn those things and then buy them we wouldnt have so much discontent.

My oldest sister worked everyday in the summer to pay for her education and it didnt cost our family a nickel or a bank or the goverment. she's not whining. Instead she was willing to work for an education (literally) not borrow it for the future. she got her PHD in working in a restaurant first.


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