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So basically this was a CYA

So basically this was a CYA session, all for show and was a scare tactic to try to get people to shut up. What improper personnel information? Name, SSN, performance, bank accounts, what? I would imagine that incidence reports are of a different nature than personnel documentation. Was there an incidence report written up? It seems to me that previous reports indicated that the Chief stated nothing was reported after the training so I am confused. If nothing was reported then there wouldn’t be any documentation of the incident so there wouldn’t be anything to leak. Now, if there was something reported and proper steps were taken to address the issue then there should be official documentation of the incident and any disciplinary actions in the personnel records of all those involved.

If the information being “so called leaked" was not from the official personnel files held in the administration building but were merely someone’s’ notes and timelines of observations then no one has committed a violation of the personnel records. If it was from the official personnel files then the Town has created another problem for themselves because they did not secure the files and that means whoever has access to the “official files” would be liable for the leak. This would most likely be the human resource department since they are the “official gatekeepers”. If it was from direct emails sent directly to the “leak” then that is open communication. In other words, unless the information was in the official HR file or labeled as classified and confidential (not inter office or personal notes) then there wasn’t anything improper. Is all this information that the Town is considering personnel currently in the official HR file? If not why not? Was anyone strictly informed that any and all correspondence was confidential? Is there something explicit in the personnel policy that prohibits an employee from keeping copies of inter office memos they have sent? Is there something explicit in the personnel policy that clearly defines what is considered “confidential correspondence”?


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