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So your news room is now

So your news room is now complaining that there are still unanswered questions. What more do you want? You complain that nothing is being done then you complain when they say they will call SBI themselves? Really? Or are you just upset that other news outlets released "more creditable" news about this first and used actual information from the town and not some no name "source". Sounds to me like your "sources" are being investigated now. I hope WWAY is held responsible as well and is also investigated. So you ask the question where can your sources go from here and I have an answer... A ATTORNEY (sounds like they will need one) So now we sit back and wait and let the truth come out. Let's see if WWAY will be reporting on their own sources here soon. And just to set the record i'm not a police officer nor related to one. Just a citizen of Leland. Do I agree with what the chief has allegedly done or like him? NO but we now have to trust the SBI and hope that no criminal wrong doing has taken place. We the citizens of Leland need to accept what the outcome of the SBI investigation is regardless of what they find and that means even if they find nothing and move on and start trusting our police. Not saying it will be easy and yes they will have to work hard to show the town that they can trust them but I truly feel that if any crimes have been committed then those people will be let go and we as a town can move on.


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