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Scare Tactic

Dear Scare,

The problem with the "documentation" and or complaints are as follows.
1)When you make a complaint about a supervisor? You then have to turn in that same complanit "TO" a supervisor.(Bill XOXOXO to myself Kozak)
2)When you have a supervisor that is friends with the supervisor that was complained on? this same complaint is thrown in the garbadge. (Slick Rick "Soon to be fired" Delapea)
3)When The Chief has a complaint on himself?? LOL!!!! Ya I can see him suspending himself without pay!(Timmy "Balboa" Jayne)
4) The "Timillicky" trio is toast. I know for a fact that at least 2 of them are getting their Certs pulled for 5 years.....But why believe me? Just watch. After they are terminated? I will allow my name to be published because I made them getting fired "funny" Kblue22284


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