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I know too much

I know to much about you Timillicky to be an angry criminal. About your term with Wilmington. About Billy and New Hanover, UNCW. About what you did to Sherry. I will leave everyone with this. Mr.""Me TOO"" writes as follows "two of the best officers that have ever worked at that department" WHO ELSE WOULD WRITE SUCH KIND WONDERFUL WORDS?? At this point Mr Timillicky? You've 1) lied. About being from "Up North" 2)Tooted your own horn on 5 different occasions. And now tell the WWAY community that your the "BEST" Officer Leland has ever had? Listen Harry Has a Horn!, I love me too I just have different ways of showing it. With Love, KBlue22284. P.S.I kinda thought some of my post's were indeed funny. "Harry Has a Horn"? Get it? You comment about yourself? Toot your own horn??? Anything?????? Awe forget it!!!!


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