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Berger seems back on track, voting right way!

This isn't news. Berger has no campaign at the moment, and unless he's Josh Fulton's campaign manager (secretly) this is just another crass attempt for wway to draw anyone with an IQ over 80 to their station and this websuite. You should put Brian Berger on salary WWAY he's more honest than your "news" and you use him as a crutch instead of putting in the effort to find real stories.

Notice how much more focused Berger is now that the mentally disturbed teacher he was engaged or living with...certainly supports his statements about her ms blalocks mental and psychological makeup. "Cheaters never win" doesnt this heather work for head start and they've been in the real news lately, state investigations, shoddy conditions, embezzlement...isn't that right?

Berger the "libertarian" gets kudos from me for voting for the SUP for heavy industry and for being the deciding vote to not raise property taxes. Report on that wway!!!


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