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I'm with you...

While we made terrible choices on County and City elections in the past, none has been so grave as the mistake we as Americans made when we voted for obama in 2008, as most logical thinking people understand.
I hope that we think before we vote this time by knowing who these “fakers" are, by doing a background check. Know who is endorsing them!

I don't want any marionettes appropriating our money, and I see this fulton kid as a smart-mouthed little punk who arrived on the scene, thinks of Wilmington as Mayberry, and picked our City workers to pigeonhole into overpaid govt workers.
WHY would we vote a “new arrival“ into CityCouncil who obviously has no appreciation of the talent that it takes to run a city, with excellent city staff, who I am proud of ... each time I encounter a police professional, a firefighting professional, a trash (CDL DRIVER) professional.

This fulton kid, (a newcomer, from out of town), should be aligning himself with a job, which he obviously can't get, so he enrolls in graduate studies, and decides to run for dufos of the year, but Jason's job wasn't opened yet, so he applied for a slot on city council.

City workers, spouses and your adult kids, don't stand for this jerk who doesn't see city staff as viable hard workers...speak up, turn out on election day, and vote for a Man or a woman who appreciates that you all have not had a raise in THREE years, but come to work everyday and make your City proud.
Let me be the one to say, "Thank-you", you keep our city clean, safe, beautiful. You are worth every bit of your hard earned paychecks."


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