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Defeat Louise McColl, saffo, fuller, sparks and padgett

The comment above is so right-- a website designed to smear a young man--has all the smell of the old guard crowd.We have seen this garbage before and we will again. Why? McColl, Saffo and a tight group of old line dems and reps want to keep control of wilmington for themselves, developers and --and their buddies. This from the same crowd that gave you lavish spending on the Gravely, higher sales and property taxes, and wants to build a "golden" bridge and use our money to fund arts councils and ball teams --we should reject the smears. What they fear most from any independent is their loss of secrecy and special deals. Transparency and an end to annexation and wasted tax increases only came about when we throw these losers out. They represent the worst in ourselves- they can attack anyone they wish- but they can't cause us to lose sight of their years of self help.


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