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Managers Role

Why did the council not instruct Farris to have General Jayne contact the SBI,
Why did Farris not call them already?
Why did Farris not tell the Board they were violating Open Meetin LAW?
Why was there no Public Comment section?"

why are they assuming all employees who are complaining are disgruntled?
how many potentially disgruntal employees are there?

I have a suggestion for council have a cookout for all the ex employees who have left because they wanted to and listen to what they have to say.

You want answers ask employees who left on there own.

Or here is one that Bill Farris likes to Use call everybody and ask Do you dislike this person if they say yes invite them to ameeting if they say no well dont invite them, Then start the meeting letting all your survey group know they can say what they like cause you dont like that person either. Or you can illegaly open closed minutes like he has done and let co-workers read what was said in a closed meeting about a person,it makes for a wonderful working atmosphere.

I quess that would make that person disgruntled and any comments they make invalid... (just an example


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