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my wife read this and laughed her rear off

Shes an accountant with 11yrs experience and working on her MBA and CPA currently. She said basically the same thing whoever was just doing the A/P alone was either totally imcompetent or crooked as heck. Who knows maybe the did hire somebody with a 2 yr degree from CFCC obviously it was nobody who had any public sector experience (most govt agencies require at min a Bachelors Degree in Accounting to work normally) Not to mention the Finance Director/COntroller should have either been a CPA or Eligible because of the reporting requirements needed to meet state and federal regulations which are pretty ponderous to say the least.. So either whoever was doing the job was in way over their head and didnt say crap or the people overseeing it were incompetent and let it continue. The final option is that there is some seriously illegal and shadding book cooking going on. The 401k and 457 filings are serious accusations as they could easily violate Federal law as well as IRS Regulations. Hmm I guess the FBI might want to call in a few more officers and go ahead and investigate Navassa while they are in town looking into the corrupt law enforcement agency known as LPD


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