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Excuse me, but....

...if they were protesting against the Federal Reserve only, I might even be out there with them. You're missing the big picture, and I suggest you start listening, really listening, to their words.

I have not heard one protester yet mention the Federal Reserve. What I have heard is "seizing profits from big banks and big oil."

I've heard several mention various forms of redistributing wealth or "...taking money from the wealthy."

I've heard the bold-faced lie, that "...the rich aren't paying their fair share" ad nauseum.

I've heard about "...all of us sharing and not being greedy, so we can all live in prosperity."

This has nothing to do with the Federal Reserve. It has everything to do with the beginning of a typical Communist insurgency, one that is starting to reveal George Soros' money backing up Obama's class warfare hysteria. They are now freely admitting that some "demonstrators" are being PAID to show up! Where is that money coming from? Of course, not all are paid. As we saw yesterday, many are young dolts still shielded and supported by mommy and daddy's money, middle-aged losers who blame their life's failures on everyone but themselves, and lonely people who just want to be "cool."

I look forward to meeting them at my local bank branch, and highly encourage them to try and block my access.


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