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How to fix our country

The real problem with our country isn't the "1 percent", most of them earned it, it's the 29% who live off the others. It's the freeloading mother of three who will not tell who the daddy or daddies are so that every hard working taxpayer has to pay the sorry thing's (who layed up with her and made the baby) child support.
She sits up in her government apartment with her Obama phone, and her free medical care eating her food stamp food. Look at the people using food stamps, most every one of them are overweight and drive nice cars. They buy drinks, candy bars, chips, snack foods all the time, kids want to eat, let's go to the 7-11 store and get snack food. When the little no-father fatties get to school age they get free breakfest and lunch at school (again paid by taxpayers) but the freeloading mom-whore at home STILL gets the same amount of foodstamps so now the freeloading is also double dipping.
Now to fix our country, we only have to do this;
Stop the food stamp or food card program, have boxes made up with what is needed to live based on the number of people who are to be at the house and give them out weekly, no sodas, no candy, no chips and no steaks, this should be reduced when the children are in school eating for free also.
Anyone getting anything else from the government (housing, any type of check or help) must report to work for 40 hours each week and they will be given a job to do to earn it for the week. Example of this could be picking up trash on the side of the road, cleaning out ditches, mopping floors at the school, making up the above noted boxes of food, planting and picking crops for the same boxes of food, washing school buses, police cars etc. Point is something good for the country in exchange for the country's help.
Last, pass a law that if anyone works an illegal, they go to jail for 72 hours,(no trial, just like slapping your wife- 72 hours period) and make it for the CEO of the company, if 10 illegals are workin then 720 hours in jail- period. Now make it the same for anyone caught housing or renting to them. No work + no place to live equals they go back south. Don't say they do the jobs that we wan't do, I just covered that above, the jobs can be assigned to the "government workers" as outlined above.
Now the only people working are Americans and every one of them are doing something, no more free rides, and everything is good.


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