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Are you out of your mind???

Every person that is on some sort of government help is not freeloading. Some of the people recieving government assistance are laid off employees, laid off by the 1% so they don't have to give up their bonuses. You might think that the person should do 40 hours of work washing school buses, boxing food, and planting crops... but then how are they supposed to find a real job to replace the one they lost. Oh, I guess they can use the spare time after they get off the labor job and after the kids go to sleep (because they can't afford childcare)so they can sneak out without waking them up and apply for all the jobs after midnight.... OH dang, they're not open. I guess since you can't apply to jobs that aren't open on weekends, on the weekends, then they should just be happy from losing their.. lets say a job they perhaps made 50,000+ a year to cleaning ditches for the rest of their life. NO, SORRY... the problem is the elite... they didn't work to get there as you claim... most of them lied, cheated, claimed bankruptcy a few times, scammed on their taxes (yes, the same taxes you are arguing of yours that is going to these programs.... they are getting out of paying), laid off hard workers (like the one who is on government assistance right now) for cheap labor in third world countries or better yet child-labor (it's cheaper), scammed the consumers by supplying crap service and materials and argue to get out of the warranties that only last a year now (they used to last years when they products were durable), and buy out politicians to make sure laws are passed in their favor and screw the public. It is time for the educated minds out of the 99% of this country to start coming together and changing the system. I don't want my children to grow-up in a country where they don't have the opportunity to live the American dream because we allowed the fat cat capitalist to use it up during his prime. Something has to give... and I applaud these people for at least trying to make a difference. Everyone always wants things to change, but then go home and watch tv until they fall asleep. Then wake-up forgetting about any change until the next time they come across it on... yes, their tv again... while watching and falling asleep. A repetitious cycle the government hopes you fall for because it's their agenda to begin with... suppress the masses by counting on America's laziness.... and it's working.


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