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Typical....very typical

I present facts, you simply insult me. (Ooooh, and it hurts SOOOOOOO much!)

Twelve years ago? Yeah, we were doing great:

1. The oil patch had collapsed and unemployment in parts of TX, LA, and OK was hitting double digits. People had lost bundles in oil stocks and commodity trading. (I went out on a limb and threw $200k into energy stocks and energy services. By 2007 I was convinced that it was the smartest move I ever made. Just threw that in to tick you off even more!)

2. We were about to face the "dot com" bubble bursting. Investors lost billions, and people saw the value of their IRAs and 401ks plummet. I wasn't very big into technology stocks (not my area of expertise) so I lost very little.

3. We just had a president impeached for committing perjury, a felony. Of course, the Democrat-controlled Senate said that committing a felony while in office was okay. The Arkansas Bar disagreed, and disbarred ol' look-in-the-camera-and-lie Bill.

BTW, mister short memory, the Congress (hence the purse string) was controlled by Democrats from 2007 through 2010. During that time our deficit and debt skyrocketed, and unemployment surged.

Those are all FACTS, so go ahead and start calling me names.

It's all you've got....


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