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It's like Limbaugh said

You guys were so shell-shocked by the Tea Party that you are still sufferring from PTSD had to have one of your own....and you think this is your version of the Tea Party.

There's one big difference, however. We saw it in November of 2008. The Tea Party was a broad based movement that stirred America to her roots, and we'll be seeing it again in November of 2012. Your "tea party" is the usual collection of lazy weirdos, Socialists, unions, and absolute crazies that support the left.

Of course the Koch brothers contributed to the Tea Party. They are rich conservatives. Rupert Murdoch did too. So did I.

Um...did we uncover any evidence of Tea Party protesters being PAID to demonstrate, however? No, we did not. Much like the number of arrests, you guys are trendsetters who are way out in front. Please keep it up. No Tea Party member would ever have thought of defecating on a police car, for example.


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