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Now we've moved to WMD?

Sorry. This has gotten TOO silly. You're all over the place and pick selective issues while ignoring anything else that rains on your fantasy parade. I referred to Bush as a liberal president in my original post, but you somehow think I'm defending Bush. I mention how things were also crappy ten years ago and you somehow think I'm bashing your impeached buddy, who YOU think was impeached for fooling around. Plus, you totally discount the fact that Democrats were in charge of the House for the last two years of Bush's presidency, spending money like drunken sailors.

There's no sense in continuing this. It's a waste of time.

BTW, since I DON'T ignore the RARE facts you bring up, if you look at the RATE of debt increase under Obama, he's set to eclipse Bush's record by a long shot. That's what makes the prospect of a second term so frightening.


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