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Mr. Harris

Don't blame law enforcement in our city, blame the element that you guys are attracting. CLOSE THE BARS,and QUIT hiring wacco groups. Attract middle agers with OUR MUSIC, which will QUICKLY get rid of the punks.
I wouldn't come NEAR downtown. You could not pay me, incentive me or bribe me to even consider putting myself in harms way in DOWNTOWN.
It is LIKE BERUIT down there for Crying out Loud.

I'd rather go to the southside of Chicago, The Bronx or any other city's Concentric Zone, than to risk our life in the Bullseye of BAR HEAVEN, Drunks, ALLEY rapes of man on Man, THONGS on the sidewalks, um, need I continue. OMG!!!!!!!!!!

Truth hurts. W.B., C.B., Mayfaire, Myrtle Beach....ANYWHERE but the "QUAINT" Historical Society's Gem!


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