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I couldn't agree more. I'm glad there is SOMEBODY who remembers what downtown was like before the nightlife scene. If you want to see a high crime district, CLOSE the bars. Let the hookers, gang bangers, & drug dealers have it back. As much as everybody thinks that the simple solution is to shut down the bars, look at what they do. 80% of the liquor tax revenue that goes back to the city/county, keeping buildings occupied by paying outrageous rent, & provide entertainment for not only the locals, but the tourists as well. Not to mention that every move they make is criticized and you NEVER hear any good news that may come out of them. Let's also forget the fact that if you close the bars, the idiots are still going to go somewhere else and they'll still have to be dealt with. BUT, I forgot, you're age group would definitely make up for the losses and stay out until at least 10pm before it's time to get back to the nursing home


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