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More like the "NOT" Foundation

I find it interesting that the NOTT foundation is there to "help the police". Of all the weekends i've been downtown the only time I've seen the NOTT crew even near a fight or any kind of altercation was this past weekend when the news cameras were filming. Then the NOTT crew were standing right next to the police as if they were actually doing something. What a sham!!! The only thing they ever do is take pictures or video of the police doing their job or according to the front street brewery owner, not doing thier job. Don't let this article fool you. The owner of the front street brewery has a personal vendetta against the police department.
Since the Rox and Rhino clubs have closed down I have seen a shift in the overall atmosphere of downtown, it's a bit more relaxed. Of course your still going to have fights, whether it's Marines, college students, or just regular people. Alcohol does not discriminate based on your color, race, yadda, yadda, yadda.


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