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Tom, IAW NCGS15-1...

...there is likely no statute of limitations on this, but the issue will hinge upon what the law read at that time.

For example, we know that right now the age of consent for sexual activity is sixteen. The prior law, left over from reconstruction days, listed the age at seventeen....unless you could prove that the female in question had had prior sexual experience, in which case it dropped to TWELVE!

The old law, however, made no allowances for male-on-male activity, other than to simply declare it a crime. There WAS no age of consent for gay sex.

My money says that no DA in his right mind would try to take this to trial because of the elapsed time and the incredible munber of variables. The law has changed....under the old laws, the victim also broke the law....but he was a juvenile then - he's an adult now...let's just say that I'd rather be the defense counsel than the prosecutor.

It's a shame, too, because there's not a doubt in my mind that Creepy Old Guy has been doing this for his entire life. I have no sympathy for the ones who continued the activity as a growing concern, but I'm sure there were far more true victims like this guy, who were taken advantage of, totally skeeved out by the experience, and wanted nothing more than to get away from him and hope the world never found out.


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