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You ever been to Tabor City?? 30 years ago EVERY one was pretty much allowed to "roam" the streets. Be careful reading this stuff and what you believe. You may not have the whole story, and believe me you don't want to start casting stones at the parents in this incidence. IF anything happened way back then to him no one in his family ever heard anything about it, so how could they do anything about it?? Just very strange, things don't add up. In the article it says about 30 years ago something happened, when he was 13. Well that adds up to 43 from where I'm standing. Then it states he is 49 years old. What kind of math is that??? Makes about as much sense as the story he is telling and the accusations he is making about a lot of things....But I agree, let's move on to other things. Sick to death of the RC bashing. Prove it or leave him alone....


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