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Throw away your data

The economic landscape has been permanently changed due to dyfunctional fiscal policies, an entrenched global downturn and permanent changes to the consumer's spending behavior.The average consumer will be severely stressed during the upcoming Christmas season trying to finance their purchases with limited disposable income.The only reason you are given credibilty is because you have a PhD behind your name.Your data is purely speculation.Therefore this makes your data worthless. Historical data during this guise of an economic recovery has been manipulated by government hacks.This is an economic depression even though government number crunchers say consecutive quarters of negative growth has ended.They manipulate the numbers for the number of unemployed and economic growth for political gain.Folks, remember the " The Summer Of Recovery " . Never came to fruition. How about contact the wealth creators in Southeastern N.C for an accurate guage. Contact the following sources for an accurate pulse of the local economy.The list is as follows : the largest Class 1 Railroad on the East Coast,CSX Railroad, the local trucking industry, the N.C State Port Authority,FED EX ,UPS and small business owners.The common denominator is they are involved in tangible commerce.DO NOT contact the real estate community because they are delusional.With quotes like "the real estate sector may have stablized" is a glaring example of speculation.Realtors may need to find a part-time job because it will not be on the rebound no time soon.


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