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Anyone who does not think We are in a recession is delusional. I don't care what indicators say. Other than food, We barely build or produce everyday consumables anymore. We have sent millions of jobs overseas. The OPEC world is raping us and We send Them aid. The Chinese are stealing every bit of technology they can and manipulating the dollar. Trade is unfair, We are being bankrupted by ten plus year old wars. I look at Our Congress with more contempt than ever. Tax and spend has become tax and spend what We don't have. Recession? We are so close to financial collapse it is scary. Talk to some of our Older folks who are still with us, who lived as young adults through the great depression. It will scare you. Recession? Congress sits and bickers, while there are people I know have been out of work for years and have just stopped looking for a job. Our leaders, and I use that word loosely can't fix or turn the tide because They don't know How to fix anything. Pundits on all of the think tank TV shows, don't know squat. Recession? More like Depression, and I don't use that word lightly.


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