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Those were days when parents were in control...

...of their children. The days before gangsta gangs proliferated and the days before the Columbine massacre and other mis-guided, rotten a$$ed kids decided it was cool to see how many people they could murder before getting subdued.

Sorry Mac, you're 100% correct, it's a different world these days! You just can't walk around with your eyes shut anymore, especially with todays lack of parenting and guidance with todays teenagers. There have been too many girlfriends murdered, students and teachers massacred by stray and mentally deficient, psychotic teens. Thus...the rules. They've been out and made clear for a long time. This young man surely knew better. Now, he'll be kicked out of school for the remainder of the year, can't play on the football team and won't graduate when he should have.

Yes sir, times sure have changed! We have, what we have to deal with and we know what the rules are. This young man decided he was exempt from the law and, unfortunately he will pay dearly. Prudent judgement and review of the consequenses go a long way BEFORE making a decision!


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