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Do you all know how many

Do you all know how many parents are off on Friday, hunt in a club, leave the hunt long enough to drive and pick up their child at school and go straight back to the hunt so their child can join in on the Friday afternoon hunt? Most of the time, the parent's gun is right there in the 4 whhel drive truck. We need to monitor this so we can arrest all of these people. It happens everyday during season but more so on Friday. Maybe we can arrest some of these taxpaying, school PTA members because they are criminals for circling thru the parking lots to pick up their child with a weapon in their vehicle. It will be another source of income for the government and the schools if they will "fine" them in court. (This was sarcasm)

By the way, I am a 13 year teacher and the visible gun doesn't scare me. It's the ones in the bookbags walking around me everyday that I fear.


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