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We love you Tres!<3

Don't think of it as "gun control", think of it as "victim disarmament". If we make enough laws, we can all be criminals! It's sad you adult's have nothing better to do then to make harsh comments as i have seen on here today about how "he should be thrown in jail". You are pathetic! Yet someone who KILLED A CHILD; got a slap on the wrist and some probabtion? I mean was it really that big of a deal? No threats were being made, no one was hurt, and he wasnt running around with it in his pocket like he was going to kill someone. Why dont you people lay off, and worry about the ones that really are KILLING PEOPLE rather than a younge boy who was caught between making it to a football game after a evening hunt! Society these days are becoming much over rated on the things that DO NOT MATTER rather than worrying about what really does. You parents give your children too many demands these days, having to be home at a certain time, having to make a certain grade, having to be here and there when you want them to be. Wanting a CHILD to be perfect and a adult when they are only younge and to make mistakes as Tres has here and shouldnt have to be a convicted felon and have no future. You people complain about how much our drop out rates have increased and why kids do not want to attend school and this is the reason why! Acting silly over a child at a football game that has done ANY HARM! We have Pender County Police running around like the Barney Fife, acting as if they had a free pass to society! Sad to say it took Police less than 5 minutes to find a gun in a childs car with no harm, but a man lost his life due to their laps in resonding because they were too busy worrying over something that DIDNOT matter as this. It sounds like your using Tres to make a bad example for the school because the deputies are slack. How many deputies THAT NIGHT that were NOT on duty had guns in their cars? Quit making him look like he has done such a harsh crime when in reality he has done nothing wrong! Just a simple boy trying to make it to a football game in time after hunting that evening!


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