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As sad as this is, it is

As sad as this is, it is where we are today in America, with respect to violence in schools. It is not about making enough laws so we can all be criminals. I am sure in this case it was just a stupid mistake on his part. However, with respect to so many other incidents involving students at other schools in America, I am sure the parents of the students who were brutally murdered asked the question--What could we have done differently to have stopped the senseless and tragic deaths of our young people. It is unfortunate but necessary with respect to weapons at our educational facilities, that we apply the law/rules with a no tolerance policy. How ever this works out in the courts is another issue. I hope leniency is used in this case, given the facts in hind sight. But it is better to have used this measure than for it to have been a case of someone actually having planned to use a gun at a school. Because it could have just as well been another tragic event. Remember, hind sight is almost always better than foresight, especially when it could have turned out to be something so so bad. In closing I am sure that those who matter to this student do not think poorly of him but rather just plain old wish he had stopped and thought just a little more before putting that gun in his car. It happened almost identically at Pender High School as well. I wish him the best...................


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