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I am a former city employee

I used to work for the City of Wilmington, in fact I worked for the city for a decade. I left all of that behind ( yes that super easy over compensated employer as some think it is). I was single when I was first hired. As time went by I started a family. I JUMPED at the chance to leave for a better oppurtunity for two main reasons, the pay SUCKED compared to my new employer, and the benefits also SUCKED when compared to my new employer. By the way I now work for a company in the private sector that is not government subsidized and employees many more people than the city ever will. I still have many friends who work for the city, mostly in public safety. The city budget has plenty of areas that money can be cut from , so why does he attack employees and their families? Fulton wants to further destroy the benefits of city employees yet he wants to increase the number of police officers for the city (specifically downtown)? So Joshua Fulton how do you expect the W.F.D. and W.P.D. not to mention the other city departments to recruit viable or worthy candidates and maintain, or as you have expressed, increase the level of service that they provide? The average city employee is not over compensated. I guess lashing out at municipal employees MOST of whom work in public safety (which is something the government is supposed to provide) is a great way to get a few votes.


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