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I have followed Joshua

I have followed Joshua Fulton’s campaign from almost the beginning. Joshua Fulton recently wrote an open letter to city employees on his twitter page, I am not a city employee. I do not personally know any incumbent or candidate. I could not help but scratch my head a just a few things in his open letter. You can read the letter on his twitter page,

Joshua Fulton writes:

“I understand that city employees are worse off than they were even last year. However, and this is not meant as an attack exclusively on city employees, the amount that they've suffered has been less than those in the private sector have suffered”.

1.) I bet city employees appreciate that but it is still an attack on them, it’s just not exclusive and how very marxist of you Joshua, I guess you believe that everyone should suffer equally.

2.) By his own admission he does not have the “numbers” for the private sector so how can you compare anything about anyones compensation?

Joshua Fulton writes:

“I did the numbers. The average city employee is making, with salary and benefits, about $60,700. Last year they were making $60,900. I don't have numbers for the private sector in front of me, but I think we can agree that they've lost more of their average compensation. If we don't agree, I suppose I could try to look up that information.”

3.) How is it that he throws numbers out about city employee compensation, and follows up with, “I think we can agree that they’ve (the private sector) lost more of their average compensation...YOU DON”T HAVE THE NUMBERS FOR THE PRIVATE SECTOR, maybe the professors from the economics department shared their crystal ball with you and that is how you know.

Joshua Fulton writes:

“I am not trying to knock every single city employee. This is what I don't think you and some other critics from the city workforce don't understand. I'm sure you remember the NY Times article about Wilmington, "putting out budget fires," etc. In that, they continuously mentioned closing fire station number 4.”

4.) Oh yes,,you and some of those other critics. “I am not trying to knock every single city employee”. Really Joshua, I guess you are trying to attack those invisible city employees, those pesky over compensated cops, fireman and trash collectors.

Joshua Fulton writes:

“That is where the city's profligate spending is leading. They will not be able to cover the costs and there will be layoffs or indiscriminate salary reductions.”

5.)I guess if all else fails, try to scare people.

Joshua Fulton writes:

“I am aware that some employees make a whole lot of money, and some make significantly less. When I was told a starting firefighter makes less than $10 in salary, I was very surprised”.

6.) Now, Joshua quotes numbers all over the place in his “information” except here, in this paragraph. Joshua states “When I was told a starting firefighter makes less than $10 in salary, I was surprised”.

7.)That is comical and sad, Joshua quotes, cites and links city numbers all over the place, but he did not bother to take a sampling of different city departments and see what the starting pay was?

Take the time to view Joshua’s campaign site. Then take the time to view the anti-Fulton site. It seems to be frequently updated. Another point of interest is Joshua’s transparency, well if he is in fact a champion of transparency, good for him. If the anti-Fulton website is based on so the weakest of evidence (he said something like this in one media outlet) then why have you deleted your Youtube videos. The site appears to have “screen shots” of your social media sites, and the site claims to have the files saved anyway.


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