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You're So Right

You are so right...I would never live anywhere other than below the Mason-Dixon. I love the South and I love Wilmington, and I'm not ashamed to say so.

It's unfortunate your mama didn't raise you right. It's hard to believe you came from here, but then again, maybe you've just been exposed to a lot of Yankee transplants.

I don't own a pickup, visit the Crazy Horse, or drink, but it's so typical of people like you to stereotype those you don't understand.

It's hard to believe by your posting that you have higher than a high school education, but I guess we just have to take your word on that, don't we? I myself graduated from business college, and I now run my own business, which now has 4 employees.

You're right, I didn't come up with #5 all on my own. It's a well known saying that I've heard for years that I felt applied to the situation. We all eventually post something we heard from someone else that applies to a certain situation, if we're honest about it. In fact, I'll use one right now. I may not know much, but I know chicken sh*t from chicken salad...and you are definitely chicken sh*t.


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