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Directly from and the questions below bring up a good point. For months he has had it all worked out and now???? The last line of his letter he says, "I have no intention of cutting what I view to be essential services". Well I think that is what many are questioning Josh. What exactly do you, Joshua Fulton consider to be an essential service? Also, what is your view of the PEOPLE who perform those essential services, obviously it's not very high? City employees have been bending over taking from city council for a long time (much longer than you have been a resident here) but I will say this for you, at least you came right out from day one and said you fully endorsed city workers holding the bag and giving up their already cut benefits because of the bad decisions made by politicians on local, state and federal levels. So go ahead, push even more employees many of which already work two jobs, that much closer to WIC, food stamps and other forms of government assistance. I support my city employees, especially those in public safety who already catch enough hell!

As much disdain as there is out there from voters (including me) about the CFPUA the site raises a good question, even one that some of your die hard supporters need to ask.. What exactly is it that you plan to do after you dissolve the authority??? Unless you come up with some amazing plan the financial burden will be simply transferred back to citizens in the form of higher taxes. So again, the truth is, we are probably stuck with either higher water bills (which I guess someone can somewhat control by using less water) or a higher tax burden. I think you are just using this "I am going to dissolve CFPUA" as a way to get more votes but deep down you know that more than likely it will not be done. Again don't get me wrong I would love to see a better option than the CFPUA and their never ended rate hikes, but I'll be damned if I want it to come in the form of a higher tax burden on taxpayers.

"Fulton wrote an open letter to City Employees, you can read it here: Here is our break-down of this letter: Fulton do you have the knowledge or not? You claimed to have this knowledge when you originally published your website, now you’ve changed it all up, and wrote this letter to city employees claiming, “I don’t have the numbers, I don’t have the administrative knowledge, but if elected…I’ll figure it out.” Really?"

Josh, you were a math teacher in NYC, awesome. You were an auditor at AIG, great. You are now a grad student in creative writing, awesome, more power to you. Please settle down in the world of academia and stay there. I am also curious, what is the longest that you have ever held a full time job? What made you want to be a teacher then an auditor at AIG (or whichever came first). How long were you a teacher in public education? How long did you work for AIG? And I have got to ask, what is up with the photo of Michael Moore? Did you go to bed one night and wake up in the morning a Republican? Not trying to be mean but there are more questions that need to be answered....


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