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Negative Attacks: Fulton Scares McColl's Frauds

The despicable negative attacks on Josh Fulton (not a member of his camp or army, fyi for disclosure) from the consistent losers like Nap Fuller who sell thier soul to enlist the help of the devil just to win for their own egos and gain, pay fellow loser and anonymous attack dog and coward chazz "did i tell enough lies" clevinger must mean Fulton scares them in this race.

This group of McColl democrats (hayns, saffo) and corrupt RINOs like thompson and McColl ally Sandy Criner, the pro-child molestation political soldier for McColl and not justice for all tells you all one needs to know about the local GOP, its lack of vision or spine, and inexcusable policy of pushing so-called republicans who are beholden to McColl (a top Democratic leader and obvious geyser of conflicts for those like thompson and criner, others, who have visibly done McColl's work as McColl Soldiers in the city, county and on the bench).

If rhonda Amarosa who has been a disappointment as party chair and allowed, even supported, such conflicts, liberal policy and corrupt judges who serve politics not adherence to law...that is frightening. Fulton isn;t perfect but he has more moral values than the McColl soldiers. I'd take a young man who likes young woman over order-taking mayors, council and county folks, and judges/law enforcement officials anyday. So Go Josh Fulton!!!!


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