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What a bunch of bull. How

What a bunch of bull. How can he not read all the website about him ? It only took me 5 minutes for me to read the whole thing. I guess he "didn't read" his own posts about "getting laid" ?

Josh Fulton is a selfish, phoney WOMANIZER. He can pretend not to remember, or know about it. But those are his own words.
Women should be honored and respected. Not treated as objects to "get laid" and tricked, by husseling, phony con-artists, like him. It's a disgrace he gets our tax dollars to teach at UNC-W. He can't even govern his own selfish desires. This is the type of slimeball that goes up to your precious daughter, and tells her how wonderful she is, hoping to "get laid" so he can add another trophy to his cabinet.

I wish he would just slither on back to wherever he came from.
The Public Avenger


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