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Tom, I'm intrigued that you

Tom, I'm intrigued that you invoke the "presumption of innocence" while we contemplate the charges against this USMC officer. From me to you: did the "presumption of innocence" ever enter into your mind during your "distingusihed" career on this forum while YOU were so harshly judging the behaviors of young African American men?

Tell me, CPT Nillson also faces a DWI trial on Monday.... did he get processed by the "BATMOBILE" that you have been so ardent in supporting?

YOU invoke the presumption of innocence when it's convenient for someone close to you, yet you spare no insult nor demeanment when it applies to others.

You, Tom, and some of your other rightwingnut syncophants think that you are better than the rest of us... too f'in bad, none of you are.

I appreciate that Nilsson served with distinction and I have a lot of room to "forgive".... maybe you'll come to appreciate some "liberal" virtues which will seek to understand why Nilsson may have done what he's accused of doing. Maybe he'll have a chance at a life after this. Remember, all in this world are not as perfect as you.


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