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let me first note I am not intrigued by you.

You really need to go back and look at some of my posts. Whether the party involved was former Senator Soles, white burglars with lengthy lists of alleged break-ins, or young black gentlemen who either shoot or beat others, I have never presumed guilt.

Quite the contrary, if for no other reason than to ensure the defense does not have a valid cause for mistrial or to seek an appeal, I have always cautioned innocence until proven guilty.

Have I expressed skepticsim? Absoulutely. When a secured bond is set at $2 million or no bond is allowed, I have expressed dismay at posters who want everyone to "trust me", he's really a good boy who made a few dumb mistakes.

Have I suggested Social Services should investigate living conditions in a house hold when one or more young inhabitants are charged with similar crimes? Absolutely. If there are other youngsters in the household, shouldn't an impartial third party investigate to ensure the others do not meet a similar fate?

Do I think parents, regardless of race or creed, should be accountable for the behaviour of their children? Absolutely. Do I think disruptive students who impede the learning process or pose a threat to the safety of others should be expelled until the parents accept accountability for little puff? Absolutely.

Funny, you accuse me of showing racial predjudice. Just not so. I do not pull the race card.

Am I saddened at the charges placed against this Marine Officer? Absolutely. This is sort of like the Tar Baby from Uncle Remus. Even an innocent verdict and vindication will never remove the taint.

Am I saddened at all the charges alleged against former Senator Soles? Absolutely. Regardless of his personal shortcomings, he was an effective Legislator.

It's sad, too, that when someone disagrees with something I write, they fall back to the race card or personal slurs rather than prove me wrong with fact.

Do I think this is still the greatest Nation on earth despite the failures in Washington? Sure Do. And that is despite liberal nut cases who fail to see that Marism does not work.


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