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Napier..Just Wants to Join the Club - He's Full(er) of It !!!

Fuller is a spineless coward and we need leaders with guts, Fuller's sense of entitlement, incredible weakness of character, and poor judgement make him Fuller of B$ than even the incumbents. He lost the last election because he stood for nothing...Berger has always stood consistently agree or disagree, he's got views and makes those views known. That's why berger beat him and Fuller's attacking berger is the act of a weak person and how does attacking him help city residents?? It doesn;t and that shows serving city residents isn't Napier's goal. An empty chair would be a better choice. Other candidates have faults but at least they want to serve the public it appears. How pathetic for Fuller to resort to targeting berger who was,is and probably always will be much better for us government financiers than the big government liberal melting pot, Fuller has already sold out to and kissed the rings of the good ole boys who champion backroom corrupt politics. He is easily the most dangerous candidate in the field, a self-serving coward with no integrity or decency. He'd run over his mom in a hummer to get elected to anything. Say "No" to the fuller (of u know what) candidate and his liberal RINO for men and women with spine. Fuller is lacking so much, but he's fuller of desperation! PAthetic.


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