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hire a good manager

Yes!!!!!!Hire a good manager but not one that is anyone's pocket, you know……. indebted because they were promised the position and helped manipulate things to get the job. Better yet, don’t hire a manager hire a LEADER. Someone that is progressive, has a vision for the future and will lead and handle situations, not just hope they will correct themselves, someone who is willing to listen to concerns and problems. Someone who just doesn’t want to hear how great their ideas are but someone who is willing to think things out comprehensively and see that action for the sake of action is detrimental. Someone who isn’t immature and only willing to deal with those who are so naive, can’t think on their on and don’t know they are being taken advantage of. Someone who is willing to make a stand and not just concerned that they are liked or remembered. Someone with a backbone to tell the Mayor and Council they can’t do something when what they want is illegal or at most unethical. Someone who is genuinely concerned about the staff but more importantly about the town.


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