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Ashamed of Myself

Not ashamed extremely happy, hire a good manager find someone with a positive work history, let them go through the personel records and do a little grievance graft, Employee retention graph, and then look at qualifications, education, exsperience, have an open forum to see if past issues were resolved, open it to the public.

I believe that you may be drinking the (its all the underlings fault water) it cant possibly be that poor wonderful old nice manager, who has created an air of inconcievable distain between independent thoughtful management and the handful of incompetent, insecure and imature.

We as citizens are tired of the arrogance of misconception a wife who is in charge of finance a bully that she is married too. a daughter who apparently works from home. how does this all go.

why is this acceptable at all. Im sure it makes a wonderful working atmosphere for those who have to work with all these family memebers in the front office. sure they are fine now. they have tried to get help... acceptance just like before when they laid all there hopes on Bill Farris.

Here is who should be ASHAMED--- Bill Farris, he has done absolutely nothing except ride the coat tails of a good Manager, he hasnt grown the town one inch he has however had a legacy of supporting the demise of DARE, spending Thousands if not Millions of Dollars on property during an Economic down turn. creating a seperation between staff that allowed each and every person to feel ostersized that railed against work place prejudice, indefference, brutality, and unfair management practices.Waited money, hiring unqualified and incapable employees, hiring employees just to prop up his stature with UNCW.Drawing bullseyes on citizens who have paid taxes in Leland for years. Picking on old lelands citizens while catering to developers. It is also you who should be ashamed for turning a blind eye while others lives and careers were put in distress. Many only wanted to serve the citizens.Thes are just a handful i challenge you to count the grievances.


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