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If that is the case then why

If that is the case then why didn't Ms. Crowder run for Mayor? If she intends to oppose Ms. Bozeman on votes then she is wasting her and others time. Unless she is so great that she will be able to swing the other council members on each and every item that comes before them. Would this really be good for the citizens? Let's remember that things pass by a majority vote. If Ms. Crowder or any other Council member has preconceived ideas about each issue before they come in front of them or is in a power struggle with an” I’ll show you” mentality then what is the point? Let's face it, politics is politics and if you or anyone else is making their minds up based on what someone so called promised then you need a new strategy. The reality is that all politicians promise things they often can't deliver because they want to make us feel good and they want a vote. Many times new- comers say they won't do this or that but that is because they don't truly understand the system. Many times citizens want things that are in direct conflict with mandated laws and the reality is that elected officials must follow the law so honestly, only so much can be done. Instead of focusing on what you don't want to change in your current circumstances and on what you have been "promised" you should be focused on who you believe will have the commitment to make sound decisions, even if they aren’t popular. You should be focused on the individual's intent and character. Do council members make mistakes and sometimes find they can not come through on everything, certainly. There will always be those unhappy but the person you want for the job is the one who truly cares, studies all possible outcomes, weighs the facts, agonizes over difficult decisions and in the end uses their judgment for what they honestly believe is the best decision for the majority of citizens, not for political ambition, power or because of a so called obligation.


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