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It's called h-i-s-t-o-r-y, dumb*ss.

Yankees honor their dead, too, you know. Just go anywhere up north and you'll see statues, memorials, and history tours on their brave dead soldiers. But if it's the South, we're suppossed to just bury and forget them? These soldiers were part of our families and part of history, and they should never be forgotten. They laid down their lives for their beliefs. What have you ever done?

Don't relish the past? OK, then I guess we can forget about the Revolutionary War, Pearl Harbor, and September 11th, to name a few.
Every war or terrorist event has someone who died in it, and families who grieve for them.

I know it may be a long stretch for you, but try to have a little compassion and understanding for BOTH sides and respect the abundance of history that can be learned about them.


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