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OMG finally!! Do you know

OMG finally!! Do you know how many times I have been to the school about the buses? Know what happens when you complain??? NOTHING!Incident #1 a couple years ago a Bolivia Elementary bus stopped at my house to let my child off who was in 3rd grade and several older students got off at my house that I didnt know. When I questioned my son he said oh she picked those kids up at the end of our road off another bus the one boy was fighting with her and she made him get off. Those two highschool boys walked down our road which is in the country with no houses around, so I called to see what was up with that, come to find out it was her son whom was going to the remedial school that she got off the remedial bus because he was acting up. Once he got on the elementary bus he was screaming and cussing at his mom the bus driver so she kicked him off. Nothing was done about that situation............... Then last year the bus driver not only ate , drank, had bursts of road rage but threatened the kids with jail for telling on her.. so I had my little meeting nothing happened I walked out on them. THANK YOU WWAY for exposing the crazy and I do mean crazy anticts of the Brun County School Busing System...ok and for all you who will come back with but oh try putting up with those kids and being sane... You chose the job it didnt choose you!


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