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To the retired bus driver

In no way do I believe that all bus drivers are horrible. Our bus driver last year was spectacular! I am only referring to one specific driver. As far as taking into consideration any technical issues that may have prevented the bus driver from calling into the school, I did. I have made two trips to the school and one trip to the BOE. I was informed that the bus driver had a school issued cell phone that should have been used to make that very important call and he chose not to. The school found out the bus had turned around only after a parent called in right before I did. After speaking with the transportation office and being told they could see the bus on GPS but had no clue why it was turning around and that they would have to call me back because it could be an emergency situation, I became concerned. I called both the middle school, the high school, the BOE and the transportation office that afternoon and was able to get NO information about what was happening with the bus. The assistant principal at SBMS told me yesterday morning that he did not find out the bus was turned around until it was back on the lot and another bus driver who did follow procedure used her cell phone to call him and inform him.
I do understand that children are rowdy, they misbehave and some of them get out of control but that is no excuse to disregard all of the rules and simply do what you want with a bus load of children. If he can not be trusted to make a simple phone call or be trusted to keep unauthorized people off the bus, how can he be trusted with the safety of 40-60 children?
I fully appreciate your comments. I rode a bus when in school and it wasn't all peaches and cream for the bus drivers but never did my bus driver refuse to answer valid questions from the students on the bus and never did he allow anyone to board our bus, parent or otherwise, because it was not allowed. When my son asks his bus driver where they are going as the bus turns around before he is dropped off at his house I fully expect that bus driver to answer him. I should not have to instruct my son to tell the driver that his parents are demanding to know in order to get an answer.


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